Services we provide:

The benefits you offer your employees take up more and more of your budget every year.

You need an expert to provide the research, implementation and on-going service for these important coverages all at a price your company can afford.

Group Life and Health Insurance

Reliable Benefits handles millions in group premium and represents a variety of businesses including government agencies, manufacturing companies, car dealerships, pre-schools and hundreds of other businesses with diverse needs. And each company's portfolio is different, determined by that business's unique situation.

Individual Life and Health Insurance

The choices you have when it comes to individual insurance can be overwhelming. What do you need? And how much is enough? Whether you need life, health, or disability insurance to protect your loved ones, or products for estate planning, long term care, or business continuation, we'll help you choose the plans best suited to your needs. Protection, security, and a little piece of mind - just what you'll get from Reliable Benefits.

Medicare Insurance Plans

Are you aware of the risks involved with your Medicare plan? Do you find Medicare coverage confusing? If so, then you've come to the right place! Although you may have a Medicare supplement plan to fill the gaps in your current coverage, you're still not protected from risks. This is where Reliable Benefits and Medicare risk plans come in! Medicare risk plans are for those who currently have Medicare A and B coverage. In the course of a Medicare risk plan, your insurance company replaces your A and B coverage. By doing this, you still pay for your A and B coverage; however, you are inactive within the plan because your insurance company now manages your risks as a retiree. Medicare risk plans provide extra protection for individuals after retirement. Rather than simply paying into your Medicare A and B coverage, you also get an insurance professional to manage your risks for you. This type of plan can get confusing, but Reliable Benefits is here to help! We can look at your current Medicare plan and the risks facing you on a daily basis. Contact us today to learn more about Medicare risk plans; get a free quote by calling (908) 264-7600. We at Reliable Benefits understand the confusion involving Medicare plans and risk; let us be the ones to help you out.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage can protect your family by...

  • Paying a death benefit that can help pay off your mortgage if you die.
  • Refunding all of your premiums if you live.
  • Providing income to help make mortgage payments if you become disabled or critical

Short Term & Long Term Disability

You probably think of a disability as something that happens to other people. But simply believing “it won't happen to me” doesn't mean at some time in your life you won't be faced with a disabling illness or injury. In fact, in any given year, one in eight persons suffers a disability*— and they also thought it wouldn't happen to them.

A disability can occur as easily as a misstep on a flight of stairs, or as suddenly as an oncoming car swerving out of control. It can take shape slowly, beginning as nothing more than an ache in your back or a pain in your chest.

No one expects to become disabled, but you can take steps to make sure that if you should be robbed of your ability to work, you and your family will remain financially secure.

Long Term Care

The annual cost of long term care (LTC) in a nursing home or in your own home averages over $70,000.

  • If recent trends continue by 2021 it will be $175,200.
  • An estimated 42% of individuals who reach age 70 will require long term care.

What LTC Insurance Will Do for You:

  • Keep you independent as long as possible. Keep you at home as long as possible. Keep your standard of living the sameLet you choose exactly who you want as a care giver. Let you choose exactly what kind of care you want. Protect your life savings. Provide a way that your assets can end up where you want them to, be it family, church, charity or a cause.
  • Give you a priceless emotion; peace of mind...Allow us to be very frank. No one wants to think about it and no one thinks it will happen to them. But it can. And by not preparing now, your entire asset base (as well as your spouse's and children's) could be wiped out almost instantly.